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Termination of Amiga Inc partnership. 2008-11-01,12H06

Boing Attitude :o) put an end to Amiga Inc partnership. This association, started in 2004, made possible Word Me Up release on PocketPC and Smartphone handheld devices. This game, running on top of Amiga-Anywhere engine, is in fact Word Me Up XXL version intended to embedded market. As Amiga Inc was the exclusive distributor, it isn't available any longer.

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Word Me Up sold on Handango website 2006-04-03,12H40

Amiga Inc, Word Me Up distributor, organizes a big contest with Handango Entertainment. The luckily winner will get a superb "Victory Vegas Jackpot" motorcycle. Buy at least one Amiga game on Handango website between March 3rd and May 31st and you perhaps will be the one. Word Me Up is thus today sold on Handango website at a promotionnal price of 6,26$ for PocketPC devices and 8,09$ for Smartphone devices.

Read official announcement on Handango website.
Buy Word Me Up for PocketPC devices on Handango website.
Buy Word Me Up for Smartphone devices sur le site d'Handango.
More details on Word Me Up.
Download Word Me Up demo on Amiga Inc website.

New BrainTeaser Amiga-Anywhere game 2006-04-03,13H30

Amiga Inc and Kaliko Entertainment announced BrainTeaser game availability on PocketPC devices. As all products distributed by Amiga Inc, it uses an Amiga-Anywhere integrated engine that allows game creators to concentrate on gameplay without the need of spending time on target device various hardware characteristics. In this puzzle game, player should put together falling tiles to make them disappear. It is sold 14,95$.

Official announcement on Amiga Inc website.
More details on Brainteaser on Amiga Inc website.

New Word Me Up release! 2005-12-01,20H01

New Word Me Up release is now available for PocketPC and Smartphone units. Still more captivating and funny, our first Amiga-Anywhere game, Word Me Up that combines arcade with reflection and memorization, is today sold at a Christmas price: only 8,99$ (about 6,81¤) instead of 12$ (10,22¤), that is to say almost half of previous price! This first update is of course free of charge for previous happy purchasers of the game. Don't hesitate to try Word Me Up by downloading demo (only for PoketPC right now) that contains 4 levels (60 ones in full version). With Word Me Up, take fun!

Test/buy Word Me Up PocketPC release on our distributor Amiga Inc website.
Buy Word Me Up Smartphone release on our distributor Amiga Inc website.
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Word Me Up demo available on PocketPC. 2005-06-22,19H30

Boing Attitude :) team is happy to announce free dowload of Word Me Up demo availability for PocketPC devices. This release, using Amiga-anywhere engine, contains 4 of 60 full game levels. With Word Me Up, take fun!

Download Word Me Up demo on Amiga Inc, our distributor.
More details on Word Me Up.

Word Me Up available on PocketPC and Smartphone! 2005-05-13,00H00

Boing Attitude :) team is very happy to announce official release of Word Me Up on PocketPC PDAs and Smartphone phones. Game is now available from website of our distributor Amiga Inc.

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Review of Invasion 2004-02-16,16H00

The AmigaDE © scene has been relatively quite over the past twelve months. For a product that offers content portability across many different platforms, it seems to be having a hard time finding converts. All is not lost however and there are individuals, groups and companies working hard in the background. One such company is Zeoneo Ltd,...

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Review of Word Me Up 2003-10-15,22H00

Word Me Up was reviewed by Damien Navillat in last issue of Obligement, a free french e-zine!

This is a sum-up:

  • Graphisms: 12/20
  • Sound: 16/20
  • Jouability: 19/20
  • Interest: 18/20