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Word Me Up available on PocketPC and Smartphone

Boing Attitude :) team is very happy to announce official release of Word Me Up on PocketPC PDAs and Smartphone phones. Game is now available from website of our distributor Amiga Inc.

Word Me Up is a game that we wanted funny and addictive. Combining arcade with reflection and memorization, player will be immersed in magical universe of evil sorcerer Badjoke where he will have to show his reflexes, to keep his cool and to use his intelligence to find all stolen written works. Intended for old and young alike, Difficulty is specially progressive, even if player will have to be extra careful and watchful all along the 60 varied and cartoon levels. We wanted a game that would be international and integrated manual is thus available in english, french, italian and spanish languages. Besides its indisputable play qualities, Word Me Up also shows an educational side since it allows children to better know alphabet and words but also to improve memorization. Player has indeed to build words by gathering letters in most levels. However in a few others levels, he will have, on the contrary, to find books by opening code-locked doors, each code corresponding to a previous built word. We also wanted to drop in on player all along the game and many surprises were integrated like... Elephants! With Word Me Up, Take fun!

Word Me Up was made by using Amiga-Anywhere engine, that allows to release applications on many devices. These are indeed the same binaries that are used for PocketPC and Smartphone units. A new version of the game, called Word me Up XXL and intended for desktop computers, is planned and an alpha version already exists on AmigaOS 4.0.

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