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Word Me Up
Word Me Up

Word Me Up

Word Me Up is a game that combines arcade with reflection and memorization. Immerse you in the heart of this magical world in which a sorcerer, called Badjoke, stole all the Texts of Knowledge and Wisdom, books that guarantee peace and stability on Earth. Reign of Darkness then began... The CouncilThe sorcerer Badjoke of Wise, at the High University, designates one student, last hope to save humanity. This student, it's you! Time to play...

Every level is a race against the clock where you should gather a set of letters to compose a word, related to current world. After choosing a student among five, go all over 3 worlds (Sport, Country and Game) to get back all the stolen texts. Find your way in endless mazes, full of pitfalls, infested with numerous Badjoke henchmen. Take One of the WANTED letters... hidden parts, avoid drowning and use carefully all special tiles... But above all, beware of elephants!

Word Me Up is easy to play with a very progressive difficulty that makes you go further amongst 60 available levels, with varied cartoon graphics. Moreover, an help is available in french, english, italian and spanish languages. You will play for hours and hours and you even will be able to improve your fastest times on every single level. You know when you begin to play, not when you'll stop...

Word Me Up, Take fun!

- Description: An arcade/reflection/memory game
- Target: Amiga Anywhere © / PocketPC, Smartphone.
- Type: Commercial product
- Distributor: -
- Status: No longer available
- Size: 2,2 Mo
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