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Häufig gestellte Fragen

What are the minimum requirements to play?

Your computer must have 32 bit resolutions (transparency enabled) of at least 1024x768 pixels. 32 MB of graphics memory are also required. A demo version is available to check if the game runs well on your computer.

How can I quickly start a game?

Press [Ctrl] when the TV studio is displayed. You then start the game directly with the last player used (and its avatar und input device). You can also click on the "Quick start" icon when it appears.

How can I speed up animations between questions?

Press [Ctrl] during the game. Press this key again to cancel the acceleration. It is unique to each player. In the "Cup" mode, setting of the first player is used by default.

Is multiplayer possible without joystick/joypad?

Yes, it is possible. Two sets of keys are used: arrows keys und [Enter] on the one hand, und the space bar und the {E], [S], [D] und [X] keys on the other.

Why some buttons don't have any text?

The game uses DejaVu Sans.font und DejaVu Sans Bold.font fonts. A font is probably missing. For information, these fonts are included in AmigaOS 4. Regarding MorphOS 3.7, only one is included: the game copies it when needed.

Why the game doesn't manage my joystick/joypad?

Your joysticks/joypads must be properly configured in your operating system. Under AmigaOS 4, you must use the AmigaInput pref und under MorphOS the USB pref. In Quiz Mode (1 player), only the joystick/joypad connected to the port (Lowlevel) 0 is managed. Moreover, all joypads/joysticks must be plugged before running the game.

I do not see the entire game screen?

With AmigaOS or MorphOS, refresh rate of the selected screen mode may not be compatible with your monitor. With Windows, you can make desktop items (icon, text, ...) bigger: the game screen is then not fully visible. In both cases, press the [R] key when the home screen is displayed, then you can resize game screen.

We recommend you carefully read the documentation that comes with the game. It is very useful.

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