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What's New / AskMeUp Nantes

- New ! "Memo" mini-game added (find the pairs!).
- General / The write permission on the SD card of the device is no longer required (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE).
- Home / Music added.
- About / "Google Play Store" link replaced by a "Boing Attitude".
- About / Spelling mistake fixed.
- Shop / Purchase of the Premium version by credit card, Paypal or check.
- Questions / Some questions have been improved.
- Questions / Some mistakes have been fixed.
- Game / Quiz / Extra time added to read comments associated with questions.
- Game / New sound effects when the player chooses an answer.
- Game / New sound effects for winning a medal.
- Map / Level number is now more readable and centered.
- Backup-Restore / Performed in the application's internal directory (compliance with Android 11 and following directives).
- ....

- New ! 50 new questions, 400 in total!
- Game / Order of questions reworked to chain questions by theme in quiz mode.
- Game / Quiz / Customization of the message "Let's go!" by the theme of the next 10 questions.
- Game / Quiz / Extra time added to read long comments.
- Questions / Comments added for some answers.
- Questions / Some questions have been replaced by others, deemed more interesting.
- Issues / Fixed typos.
- Translation / Improved English translation.
- Application / Decreased APK size.
- Application / Requires at least Android Android Lollipop (5.0, released end of 2014).
- ...

- InApp purchase / Problem that may occur randomly when loading the application: fixed.
- Shop / "Premium" item selected by default.
- ...

- General / "Please wait..." message displayed before displaying a video.
- Menu / "Save " icon added.
- ...

- Application / New icon.
- General / Optimized for 64-bit units.
- Questions / Some questions have been replaced by others, deemed more interesting.
- Questions / Mistakes fixed.
- ...

- Questions / 50 new questions, 350 in all!
- Questions / Some questions have been updated.
- Questions / Some questions have been replaced by others, deemed more interesting.
- Questions / Mistakes fixed.
- General / When launching the game for the first time, the user screen is automatically displayed.
- Home / "Premium" displayed if mode activated.
- Home / Replacement of the Google+ link by a link to our site.
- About / Replacement of the Google+ link with a link to our Twitter page.
- Level / Button (?) animated to draw attention to the help button.
- Game / "Let's go!" message added at the start of the game.
- Game / Some questions in text form are now illustrated with a photo.
- Game / Automatic display of commentary in "Quiz" mode if there is one.
- Game (Premium) / A bonus is offered every 15 questions in "Survival" and "Study" modes.
- "Yes-No" window / The wording of the >No> button was sometimes too big: fixed.
- End / A sound effects punctuates the display of the screen for the "Quiz" and "Survival" modes.
- ...

- User /Ability to curstomize your avatar after viewing a video.
- User /Ability to add/delete a user after viewing a video.
- Game / Bonus management allowing you to remove wrong answers.
- Game / Videos could be watched to earn bonuses.
- Game / Quiz / In case of wrong answer too fast, the player now loses a point.
- Game / New design for the bonuses punctuating your correct answers.
- Game / New sound effects to punctuate certain actions.
- Game / Question genre and progress are written bigger.
- Game / If the comment contains a copyright, it is automatically displayed.
- Level / Addition of an online help accessible from the button (?).
- Shop / Replacement of the "Avatars" article by "Premium", which notably includes 1 bonus offered every 15 questions.
- ...

- Questions / 50 new questions added, 300 in total!
- Questions / Some questions have been updated (handball, mobility ...).
- Issues / Fixed typos.
- Backup / Storage of backups on SDCard if available for better reliability (new authorization required).
- Info / Updated link to HTML game page.
- Statistics / Problem on the memorization of "chrono" points in "Studies" mode: fixed.
- End / Grade image dimensions have been increased.
- Ebd / "Studies" mode / Addition of grade.
- Translation / Improved English translation.
- ...

- Game / Extra time added (1 sec) to see the answer.
- Game / Question eraising and scientist isplay now synchronised.
- Questions / Questions updated (presidential, Folle Journée, ...).
- Questions / Fixed mistakes.
- User / If you clicked on [+] without having purchased the "avatars" option, nothing happened: an information message is now displayed.
- Start-Menu / New Boing Attitude logo.
- ...

- Level / More detailed presentation of the game mode.
- Game / New "Quiz" mode added.
- Game / "Survival" mode added.
- Game / 50 new questions, 250 in total!
- Game (Quiz) / Rank display (according to success rate).
- Game / Renamed the old quiz to "Studies".
- Translations / Improved English translation.
- Questions / Fixed mistakes in the French translation.
- Map / Runtime error if using the - ...

- New! Game / Display of comments related to answers (if available).
- Questions / Some questions have been updated.
- Translations / Fixed mistakes in the French translation.
- Menu / If you click on the whistleblower twice, the news text disappears.
- Menu / The >Quiz> button now has the same size as the other buttons when running the application.
- About / Replacement of the link to the Boing attitude site by one to the game page on the Google Play Store.
- User / the screen is now accessible directly from the homepage.
- Game / Overview screen of the game mode added.
- End / The screen has been reworked.
- Map / Fixed an animation problem that could occur on small resolutions (240x320, 320x480, ...).
- Map / it only shows the first time and each time you unlock new questions.
- Shop / The purchase of "Avatars" item also allows the creation of several users.
- ...

- New! Sharing scores online.
- New! 50 new questions.
- Avatars / Maria Bella and Acid Jaimie, Acid Jack's girlfriend added.
- Sounds / New sound effects added.
- Menu / Online score consultation added.
- User / Online score consultation added.
- Game (Slides) / The character's head is framed at the bottom to avoid overlapping with the player's scores.
- Game / The avatar of the player is highlighted in green when he answers well, in red when badly.
- Map / Online score sharing added.
- Map / "Return" button renamed to "Home" to remove any ambiguity.
- Scores / nline score sharing added.
- Scores / The scale sometimes "overflowed" on the marker in high resolutions: fixed.
- Scores / Refocusing buttons.
- ...

- Avatars / Some have been redesigned.
- Shop / New item to purchase all avatars.
- Game / Automatic chain of questions.
- Game / 20 second added to answer.
- Game / Enlargement of the score in case of correct answer.
- Game / Darkening of the avatar in case of wrong answer.
- Scores / If more than 9 players existed, access to statistics could cause a runtime error: fixed.
- Scores / Optimization of the plot of the curve if more than 3 users.
- Scores / Enlargement of the graph.
- Scores / If there were no cuts, the available space is used to increase the height of the graph.
- Main menu / "New" button added allowing to see the main new feature of the version as well as the detailed list (via the Facebook and G+ pages).
- About / "English" link to the game's web page fixed.

- Game / The correct answer is now Highlighted by darkening the wrong answers.
- Game / Text answers enlarged for better readability.
- Game / If the correct slide is chosen, it's now framed in green.
- Game / Fixed an issue that could lead to "cut off" texts in replies.
- Game / "All accessible questions have been asked" alert was sometimes truncated in high resolutions: fixed.
- Scores / General and detailed statistics per player.
- End / If all the questions have been unblocked, the [Back] button is no longer displayed (replaced by [AskMeUp] button).

- Setting up a shop for in-app purchases: possible deactivation of advertising.
- Questions / Improved English translation.
- Game / Use of 16:9 images for image questions.
- Game / Questions in picture: the answer buttons have been redesigned.
- Game/player name was sometimes "truncated" vertically. Fixed.
- Game / If you press the "home" button during the game, you return to the main menu (to avoid cheating).
- Game / If using the "Back" key then finally returning to the game: the >next> button was no longer animated. Fixed.
- Game / Question in the form of a slide: if you press the [back] key to interrupt the game but finally if you come back to the game, the slides are no longer animated. Fixed.
- Map / Scores associated with medals are written larger.
- Map / Confirmation before leaving ("Back" button).
- ...

- Questions / Some have been fixed.
- Faster initial loading (3 times!).
- Game / Progress map added (inspired by Mellinet Square).
- Game / Message displayed when all accessible questions have been asked.
- Game / Resumption of the missing stat if the game is over (balance sheet, 17 points).
- Scores / Graph Display added.
- ...

- New themes: mobility and heritage.
- Some questions fixed and others updated.
- Improved English translation.
- Identification / Lock the "+" button as soon as it is clicked to avoid multiple creations. once the new user is displayed, it is reactivated.
- Game / Stars appear according to performance during the game (yellow: 13pts or +, orange: 15pts or +, red: 17pts or +)
- Game / Questions in image: the numbers have been enlarged to make selection easier.
- Game / Fixed an issue that could lead to "cut off" texts in replies.
- Review / [Back] button added to return to the menu. The [Next] button allows you to start a new game directly (without going through the user's selection). Only in management if non-advertisement purchase.
- Scores / The construction of the graph is desynchronized from the display of the scores in order to display them more quickly.
- Scores / Avatars keep their initial proportions.
- Scores / Magnification of the graph.
- Add incentive to use Scores Me Up and rate the game.
- Pub removed from the balance sheet (not enough space).
- Pub systematically displayed on the identification (with yellow background).
- ...

- Switch to landscape mode.
- Better use of tablets.
- Use of Unicode (instead of ASCII previously).
- New user management.
- Possible deletion of users.
- New statistics management.
- New presentation of credits.
- Standby blocking.
- Faster initial loading of questions.
- A question is not asked again until an attempt has been made to answer all the other accessible questions.
- Withdrawal of SDCARD authorization.

- BA logo displayed as soon as the game is launched.
- Respect of the width/height ratio of the game logo.
- Fixed bug: if you quit when adding a user while leaving the application active ([Home] button). If you quit the application and come back later, an error message is displayed on the welcome screen.
- ...

- Removed confirmation before exit (didn't work on Android 4.3+).
- Improved user choice (was a problem on some phones).
- Improved avatar choice (was a problem on some phones).
- Removed the tick "Unblock all questions".
- Icon updated.

- Fixed issues.
- Removed confirmation before exit (didn't work on Android 4.3+).
- Improved English translation.
- English / addition of Anglo-Saxon measurement units (if necessary).

- BA logo now displayed in full screen.
- Home / change of player by sliding the finger.
- User/ Avatar change by sliding the finger.
- Home-User / "Arrow" buttons removed (become useless).
- Game / waiting screen added before questions.
- Game / If question on slide and error in the answer, it displays a thumbnail of the correct answer.
- End / The prompt is completely visible again.
- Removed a log on the left/right swipe of the "identification" screen portrait

- Management of the "Back" key (Esc) of the unit used: allows you to return to the menu or quit the game (after confirmation).
- Removal of the "Home" and "Pause" buttons, which have now become useless.
- New positioning of the remaining buttons.
- When the "Home" button is pressed, which allows you to return to the home screen of the unit: the data is saved in case the user does not return to the game.
- Improvement of the click on the "play" option in order to avoid that the 1st answer is "automatically" answered.

- First release.

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