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Ask Me Up / Demo / XXL / Nantes

From €1.99 (VAT excl.)
Category : quiz game
Languages : English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese and Greek

Requirements :
AmigaOS® 4.1
Android™ 4.0.3
MorphOS® 3
Windows® XP,Vista,7,8,10

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Team / Tests / Media
High Scores: XL / XXL / Nantes

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Ask Me Up is a video game about general knowledge. The principle is quite simple: 1 question, 4 possible answers ... Choose the right one! You know all celebrities' secrets? You can easily put a city on a map. You know who is the first white sprinter to have officially run 100m in under 10 seconds? Or you have no idea about it? In all cases, our quiz is for you and you will learn while having fun! Play alone or with a friend, check your statistics to analyze progress, share your high score online ... All this is possible!

Ask Me Up, now you know !

Ask Me Up

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Ask Me Up XXL

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- 16 different themes: Sport, People, Literature, Movies, Other, Science, Geography, Entertainment, Nature, French Culture, Environment, Music, History, Politics, Economics and Nantes.
- Text, images or slideshows questions.
- Play alone quiz with progressive access to new questions based on performance; progress is represented by a map.
- The Cup for challenging several friends.
- Statistics (points, success rate, cups, medals) and graph showing the variation in the success rate of the five best players.
- High scores sharing online.
- Beautiful design and sound effects.
- Management of multiple users and choice of 15 avatars.
- Available in French, English, Italian, German*, Spanish, Swedish, Polish*, Portuguese and Greek


Ask Me Up Demo (Android: 3.0.0, AmigaOS 4/MorphOS/Windows: 2.6.0)
- 80 or 100 questions (Android)
- Banner (Android)
- Choose from 2 (Android) or 5 avatars
- "Cup" not available
- "Nantes" theme not included
Free Download the AmigaOS4 demo
Download the MorphOS demo
Download the Windows demo
Download the Android release from the Google Play Store
Ask Me Up (3.0.0)
- 1000 questions
- No banner
- "Cup" mode limited to two players, playing in turn.
- 15 avatars.
- Graph showing the variation in the success rate of the 3 best players.
- "Nantes" theme not included
- Available in French, English, Italian (95%*), German, Spanish (97%*), Swedish (92%*), Polish (76%*), Portuguese and Greek (92%*).
€1.99 (VAT excl.) Buy the Android release from the Google Play Store
Ask Me Up XXL (2.7.0)
- 1700 questions (including 1000 from Ask Me Up)
- 16:9 display, HD drawings, designed for 1600x900
- High scores sharing online and/or with friends
- The "Cup" allows up to 6 players at the same time
- No banner
- Only on computers
- Available in French, English, Italian, German (76%*), Spanish, Swedish, Polish (50%*), Portuguese and Greek

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€19.99 Buy the game for AmigaOS 4, MorphOS or Windows
Ask Me Up Nantes (3.0.0)
- 250 questions about the city of Nantes, France
- French/English
- Adverts (could be disabled with an inApp purchase)
- Choose from 15 avatars (with an inApp purchase)
- "Cup" not available
Free Download the Android release from the Google Play Store

*: Non translated questions in the language are displayed in English. *


- High scores sharing Download the tutorial about high scores sharing


If you wish to advertise in Demo/Nantes editions or if you want to customize Ask Me Up for your business, association, city, ... do not hesitate to contact us to ask for a quote.

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