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Word Me Up XXL

Feature List

One of the student

- An arcade/reflection/memory game.
- A non violent game for the whole family.
- 3 worlds (Sport, Country, Game), 64 levels.
- 8 characters available.

- Keyboard, joystick/joypad and mouse/hand (touch screen or tablet).
- The game can be played in a window or in full screen.
- "Collide & Go" system enabled.
- The language of the user is used if it's available (English else).
- Visual browsing among levels already done.
- Multi-users management (until 12 users).
- The user can select an avatar of his own or a predefined one.
- The sound mode can be selected: none, sound effects or sound effects/music.

- 15 graphical themes, cartoon style.
- 9 long and varied musics (40 minutes) and hilarious sound effects.

- Keyboard, joystick/joypad ou mouse/hand (touch screen or tablet).
- Multidirectionnal scrolling, 80 FPS.
- 7 Intelligence levels for enemies.

- Help on each screen.
- Translated in eleven languages : French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Latina America Spanish, Polish, Hungarian and Portuguese.

AmigaOS 4 specific:
- Translation available in Greek.
- Dynamic management of "exotic" charsets (Polish, Russian, Greek ...).
- New library application.library is used to introduce game to system:
. . No screensaver activation during game.
. . The game can't be launched twice at the same time.

Mac OS X specific:
- The game can only be played in full screen.
- The game can not be run twice at the same time.

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Illustration © 2006 Aïto

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