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Word Me Up XXL

"Collide & Go" system

This system allows you to easily edge your way into narrow paths. What is indeed more frustrating than having to make several attempts to go through an opening? With "Collide & go", you can go along a wall while being sure to cross the next opening.

WordMeUp XXL,'Collide & Go' system first step
Direction: on the right!

You make your character's way to the right and you see further a letter down on the right. You'll thus have to go down on next crossing.
WordMeUp XXL, 'Collide & Go' system second step
Direction: go down!

You can already anticipate before reaching this crossroad and go down immediately. The magic of "Collide & Go" system happens: your character still goes on to the right, even if you want him to go down!
WordMeUp XXL, 'Collide & Go' system third step
Direction: go down!

But when your character reaches crossing, he "automatically" goes down and allows you to concentrate on next pitfalls 8-). You're a wiiiiiinner!

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