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What's New / Scores Me Up

- Users / Ability to delete a user and the following ones by pressing and holding the delete button [-].
- Store / Purchase of the Premium version by credit card, Paypal or check.
- Five Tribes / Automatic draw of the player who starts (flashing chevron).
- Kingdomino / Automatic draw of the player who starts (flashing chevron).
- Ticket to ride / Automatic draw of the player who starts (flashing chevron).
- Quadropolis / Automatic draw of the player who starts (flashing chevron).
- UNO / Automatic draw of the player who starts (flashing chevron).
- ...

- Championship / Possibility of creating games that do not influence the number of games/victories (bonus or ex-aequos).
- Quadropolis / Tooltip added on the line icon.
- Quadropolis / New designs for homes, businesses and public services.
- ...

- General / Upgrading to Android 11 security standards.

- New! Manage your 30s scores!
- Games menu / Yahtzee's image improvement.
- Drawing / Darkening of Molkky cancel button (selected state).

- Multigame / Game logo displayed.
- Multigame / Display of the "remaining points" when a fixed number of points is to be allocated to each round (ex: Papayoo).
- Multigame / The score of the last player was no longer calculated automatically when playing a game with a fixed number of points per round (ex: Papayoo): fixed.
- Multigame / Improvement of the "Dwarf" pawn to illustrate the game "The King of the Dwarves".
- Multigame / Settings / The list of predefined game settings was no longer accessible: fixed.
- Championship / Kingdomino box added.
- Championship / "Ticket to ride" box redrawn.
- ...

- New! Manage Qwixx alternative grids!
- Application / APK size decreased.
- Application / Requires at least Android Lollipop (5.0, released end of 2014).
- Multigame / Possibility to add 15 additional rounds in the free version by watching a video.
- Championship / Improved readability of the name of players who have chosen the color black, blue or red.
- Championship / Totals centered.
- "Confirmation" dialog / Questions asked to the user are displayed larger for better readability.
- Kingdomino / New row order (for consistency with the "Queendomino" game).
- Kingdomino / Double-clicking on a wheat field, a forest or a lake allows you to create the tile with a crown.
- Timer / Improved colors used for better readability of information.
- Timer / If automatic triggering is configured, you can no longer start another hourglass/chronometer (you must stop the one in progress for this).
- Mölkky / Darkening of the background of the totals panel to improve readability.
- 7 Wonders / Points entry screen / The chevrons to pass to the previous/next player only appear if necessary.
- ...

- New! Count your Kingdomino scores!
- User / Alert displayed if a "1 player grid" exists for the selected game (7 Wonders, Kingdomino for now).
- inApp purchase / Problem that may occur randomly when loading the application: fixed.
- 7 Wonders - Quadropolis - Five Tribes - Ticket to ride / Best horizontal player centering.
- 7 Wonders - Quadropolis - Five Tribes - Ticket to ride / The width of the score line adapts to the number of players.
- 7 Wonders - Quadropolis - Five Tribes - Ticket to ride / You can now enter scores for all players on the extra screen without having to go back through the main screen.
- Ticket to ride / Animation accelerated when building a route.
- 7 Wonders Duel - Free version / The confirmation message was incomplete: fixed.
- Championship - Free version / It was not accessible: fixed.
- Multigame / "Qwirkle" and "Papayoo" pieces added.
- Draw / Error if the user returned to the menu before the end of the draw: fixed.
- Authorization / SDCard reading/writing permission is asked only if/when the player decides to save the scores.
- Backup / [Delete] button removed.
- Scores - Ticket to ride / Graph display issue fixed.
- Darts / Player's name moved to avoid an overlap with the result of the throws.
- Translation / German translation fixed regarding the mölkky.
- Translation / Spanish translation improved (especially tarot and darts).
- Translation / New Italian, Spanish and German translations added.
- Video / "Please wait ..." message added if a rewarded video is selected.
- ...

- New! Manage your Ticket to ride scores (New York City and London)!
- New! 7 Wonders / Line added to count Cities, Leaders and Babel expansions.
- New! Draw / Full draw added (gives the rank of each player).
- General / New icon for the application.
- Buzzer / New background image.
- Keyboard / Replacement of [>], [>>], [<] and [<<] by [+1], [+10], [-1] and [-10] keys.
- Keyboard / The [+1], [+10], [-1] and [-10] keys are added to the total already entered previously.
- Keyboard / When returning to a field and using the <= button, all digits were deleted instead of only the last one: fixed.
- Championship / New background image.
- Championship / "Piraten kapern" box added.
- Championship / "Quadropolis" box added.
- Gang of Four / New background image.
- Games menu / Buttons added to go directly to the beginning or end of the list.
- Games menu / Double-chevrons buttons added to move faster in the list.
- Timer / New background image.
- Multigames / Entry problem when returning to an already locked line: fixed.
- Multigames / Premium / The selection of a pre-setted game no longer worked: fixed.
- Multigames / "Piraten kapern" piece added.
- Quadropolis / New background image.
- Quadropolis / Better display of favorite black and blue colors.
- Recap / Quadropolis / The winner designation is now explained if the number of points is equal.
- Recap / 7 Wonders / The winner designation is now explained if equal number of points.
- Draw / New background image.
- ...

- New! Manage your darts scores (301, 501, 701 and 1001)!
- Translations / New Italian translations added.
- Games Menu / Background pictures updated.
- Multigames / New background image.
- Multigames / The score of the 7th player couldn't be entered in "spreadsheet" mode: fixed.
- Quadropolis / New background image.
- Which Pair wins / New background image.
- Scores / Combo "game name" enlarged.
- Rolling dice / Settings / The color of the dice couldn't be changed: fixed.
- ...

- Mölkky / Free version / Labels when going over 50 and when winning were not good: fixed.
- Uno / Unable to enter scores on columns 1 and 2: fixed.
- Translations / New Italian translations added.

- General / You can turn off your device during a game: when you return, you come back to the game in progress.
- Backup / Stats are now saved and restored.
- Users / When launching the application for the first time, the user screen is displayed to enter his name and select his avatar.
- Users / Expanded wording showing total number of players and number of selected players.
- Users / A player can be customized in the free version after watching a video (avatar, favorite color).
- Users / A player can be added/removed after watching a video in free version.
- Users / You can add more players than allowed after watching a video in free version.
- Users / Ability to delete a user in the free version after watching a video.
- Games menu / The championship item is now in the >Sports> menu.
- Games menu / The description of the selected game is also visible in the free version.
- Games menu / If you clicked on the "site" button, the animation of the buttons stopped: fixed.
- Championship / Player Ranking has been added next to avatar.
- Championship / Filter added to display games that have already been played.
- Championship / The title "Total" is replaced by the number of games displayed and games.
- Championship / Optimization of clearing all scores: 2 times faster.
- Championship / Total number of wins per player added.
- Championship / Button to return to the main menu added.
- Championship / Enlargement of the name of the game in the list.
- Championship / Button allowing to erase all the results of the championship moved.
- Championship / Championship unlocked in free version by watching a video.
- Championship / When adding the first game, the scores were too big: fixed.
- Mölkky / Ability to create one-person teams.
- Mölkky / Team play can now be activated in the free version by watching a video.
- MultiGame / You can add more players than the number allowed in the free version by watching videos.
- Multigame / Possibility to add 7 additional rounds in the free version by watching a video.
- 7 Wonders Duel and 1 player / Enabled now temporarily in the free version by watching a video.
- Confirmation / The height of the window adapts better to the length of the displayed text.
- Translations / The app is now (partially) available in Italian.
- Translations / Spanish translation improved.
- Translations / Spanish translation added for the game "Five Tribes".
- ...

- New! Manage your Five Tribes scores!
- Multigame / Fast count fixed (could generate an error).
- Premium specific:
=> Statistics / History of games cleared (can make the average wrong).
=> Security Backup-Restore / Made on SD card in Android/data/com.boingattitude.scoresmeup/smup_sauve.dta.
=> Restore / Problem fixed on the restoration of a championship.
- ...

- Games menu / Problem when launching mölkky game: fixed.

- New! Games menu is now more intuitive.
- Backup / Save backups on SDCard if available for better reliability (new authorization required).
- Championship / Possible allocation of points to the second, third, ...
- Qwixx / The button to erase the game is now directly available when coming back from the summary screen.
- General / Standby icon removed (because the application was sometimes exited on some phones).
- Translations / New German and Spanish translations added.
- ...

- New! Manage your Quadropolis scores!
- Tarot 5 players / The case where the taker calls himself is now managed.
- 7 Wonders / Background lines improved.
- 7 Wonders Duel / The vertical positioning of the avatars has been moved slightly.
- Save / Upgrade the file format to V1.50 ("Quadropolis" settings added).

- Tarot / "None" item added in the "Taker", "Handfull" and "Chelem" lists to make no choice if needed.
- 7 Wonders (individual scores) / The total was not good if coins were counted after the scientific symbols: fixed.
- Translations / New German and Spanish translations.
- ...

- New! Manage your scores of 7 Wonders Duel (Premium)!
- 7 Wonders / Designation of a winner if draw game (according to the official rule, the one with the most coins).
- 7 Wonders / Coins "6" added.
- General / RAM consumption down by 5%.
- Shop / Link to the Premium video added.
- Championship / "Ticket to Ride" box added.
- Games Menu / Link to the official website (else Wikipedia) added.
- Tarot / When displaying a drop-down list (taker, handle, slam), the user must select a line before he can enter other information.
- Yahtzee / Upper part: when a die is enabled, all previous ones are activated.
- Yahtzee / Upper part: when a die is desabled, you also deactivate all the following.
- Translations / New German and Spanish translations.
- ...

- New! Manage your scores of Gang of Four!
- Menu / Readability improved if the player's name is black or dark blue.
- User / The total number of players is displayed.
- Championship (settings) / Homemade virtual keyboard used.
- Championship / "Uno" game box added.
- Championship / "Gang of Four" box added.
- Multigame counter / Fast count / Better keyboard location when changing the increment.
- Dice roll / The number of rolls now displayed.
- Dice roll / Dice animation accelerated.
- Dice roll (settings) / Homemade virtual keyboard used.
- Timer (settings) / Homemade virtual keyboard used.
- Uno / In the case where the best one was the one with the least points, the statistics of the best/worst scores were wrong: fixed.
- Security (Premium) / An internal backup is done each time the application is updated.
- Security / The save window is now cleared before displaying the restore window for better readability.
- Backup / File format updated to V1.40 ("Gang of Four" settings added).
- Translations / New German and Spanish translations.
- ...

- New! Manage your scores of Pluckin' Pairs!
- New! 7 Wonders / Single player grid available (Premium).
- Start - Menu / New Boing Attitude logo.
- General / RAM consumption down by 15%.
- Virtual keyboard / Possible input of decimal numbers (useful for the tarot for example).
- Virtual keyboard / The "-" sign can now be entered from the beginning.
- Games menu / Icon added to show user the possible vertical scrolling.
- Games menu / Description enlarged for better readability.
- Games menu / Copyright added to the games description (if needed).
- User / In the case of a multiplayer game without a team, the number of players is displayed larger.
- Buzzer / Background image updated.
- Mölkky / The "home" virtual keyboard is now used.
- Mölkky (settings) / Labels enlarged.
- Qwixx / Last player memorized to select it automatically in the next game.
- Tarot / New drop-down lists used.
- Tarot / Some labels were enlarged.
- Tarot / The "home" virtual keyboard is now used.
- Draw / Last players memorized to select them automatically in the next draw.
- Yahtzee / Last player memorized to select it automatically in the next game.
- Summary / The background screen is the game's one (previously the logo of the game).
- Backup / File format updated to V1.30 ("Pluckin' Pairs" settings added).
- ...

- New! Manage your scores of 7 Wonders!
- Championship / "7 Wonders" box added.
- Multigame counter / Now uses a "home" virtual keyboard, more convenient to enter points (and Premium settings).
- Multigame counter (settings) / Possibility to select predefined game settings from a list (only in Premium, list visible in free version).
- Uno / Now uses a "home" virtual keyboard, more convenient to enter the points (and settings in Premium).
- Uno / When entering points, you can now touch the card to add one point, without going through a keyboard input.
- Save / File format updated to V1.20 (7 Wonders settings added).
- Settings / Using the same icon (jagged wheel) to access all settings, whatever the game is.
- ...

- New! Manage your scores of UNO!
- Translation / The German translation was completed.
- Scores / If scores were available for a game but not for the next one, the first 3 players were still visible when going to the next one: fixed.
- ...

- New! Secure / New screen to erase, save (premium) or restore (premium) your data (except statistics).
- New! Sleep mode (previously systematically off) can now be enabled if needed.
- Secure (Premium) / Automatic data backup (except statistics) every month.
- Menu / If you click the whistleblower twice, the "What's new" text disappears.
- Menu / If the same button was pressed twice on a row, the button state remained visually as selected: fixed.
- Games menu / "Heart" button added to tell your friends about about Scores Me Up.
- Games menu / "BA" button added to test another Boing Attitude application (Pix Me Up).
- Belote (summary) / Now displays the number of rounds (Premium).
- Buzzer / Some sound effects were replaced.
- Multigame counter / The current ranking is displayed on the avatar.
- Multigame counter (free version) / Names can be entered and memorized for players.
- Multigame counter / The sign of some high scores was sometimes not visible after validation of the round: fixed.
- Timer / Inactive timers are now darkened to highlight the active ones.
- Timer / Stopping a timer can now automatically trigger the next (setting to be activated).
- Timer / The warning message sometimes remained visible if the hourglass/timer was triggered too fast: fixed.
- Summary (ranking) / Ex-aequos are now managed.
- Draw (free version) / It is now between two users ("me" and "the other").
- ...

- Qwixx / Line no longer darkened when locked: fixed.
- ...

- New! Manage your scores of tarot games (3, 4, 5 or 6 ("dead") players).
- New! The software is now also available in German.
- Championship / When adding a game, the positioning on it was not working: fixed.
- Championship / The total was not updated after the withdrawal of a game: fixed.
- Championship / Artifact on the [+] and [-] buttons when selected: fixed.
- Championship / Design of the "Catane" and "Jamaica" boxes.
- Mölkky (summary) / It now displays the total number of throws on the details.
- About / The link "Boing Attitude" now points to the Play Store page of the application.
- Improvement on English translation.
- ...

- New! Manage a championship with your friends! Premium only.
- Home / The player's color is now used to display its name.
- Yahtzee / The player can now block a line (in case of failure).
- Yahtzee / The size of the total rows in the upper part is now adapted (was sometimes truncated).
- Multigames counter / "Dwarf" pawns added, ideal for "The Dwarf King Game".
- Summary / If the rounds history is too long, only the lastest part is displayed.
- Scores / The players who have not played the game selected are not displayed in the ranking.
- Scores / The ranking was reversed in the case of a game where the winner had the least points (such as the "6 takes!"): fixed.
- Scores / Improved contrast with the background for some colors (red, purple, ...) for better readability.
- Scores / The graduation sometimes hid the axis in high resolutions: fixed.
- Color Palette / There is now a window for easy selection.
- ...

- New! Management of Yahtzee scores, the famous dice game, sometimes also called Yam's or Yahtzy.
- New! The application is now also available in Spanish.
- Avatars / Maria Bella and Acid Jaimie (the girlfriend of Acid Jack) added.
- Home / The "New" box is visible only when you click the whistleblower.
- Belote (settings) / The word "Settings" was replaced by the "Settings" icon.
- Belote (settings, free version) / Flashing hands enabled again when returning to the game screen.
- Multi-Game Counter / "Headphones" pawns added, ideal for blind-tests.
- Multi-Game Counter (settings) / The type of pawn is now well positioned in the list.
- Mölkky (summary, free version) / The winner announced was not always good.
- Mölkky (settings free version) / Flashing hands enabled again when returning to the game screen.
- ...

- New! Management of Mölkky scores, the famous Finnish throwing game.
- Menu / A new "Sports" category added.
- Menu / A "new feature" area added.
- Dice roller / The whistleblower is displayed to assist the player.
- Belote / In the first round, a wizard is displayed to help the player to know how to proceed.
- Multigame counter / The "table" mode now lets you enter negative values, whether on tablet or phone.
- Multigame counter (settings) / "letter" pawns added, ideal for "Scrabble".
- Qwixx (Premium) / The Identification screen is now displayed to select a player (only if more than one player available).
- Summary (Multigame counter) / New look for the rankings and new data (avatar, history of rounds, average).
- Scores / Rankings are now made by number of victories for Belote and multigames (previously, it was the best score).
- Scores / Rankings and Chart now use the color associated with the player.
- Scores / Graph is no longer displayed if it has no data.
- Scores / Chart uses twice data than before to build the curve.
- ...

- New! Hourglasses and stopwatches, perfects for Time's Up, Chess or Scrabble.
- Multigame counter / User can now decide to end the game, regardless of rounds and points.
- Multigame counter / Avatars enlarged if there is enough space (fast count).
- Multigame counter / Enlargement of the warning bubble for a better readability.
- Multigame counter / "Cow head" pawns added, ideal for "6 takes!".
- Multigame counter / In quick count, it was not possible to change the color of the pawn of a player located on the second row: fixed.
- Multigame counter / If a tableau account game followed a quick account game with more than 7 players, some avatars from the previous game were still visible: fixed.
- Multigame counter / For a quick count, a 15 second delay allows you to advance to the next round (was 20 seconds before).
- Qwixx / The whistleblower was preventing the cancellation of the last action: fixed.
- Summary / When returning to the game ({X] button) then a new end, the statistics are correctly updated (twice taken into account previously).
- Settings / You can now activate the checkmarks by clicking on the associated labels.
- Scores / if the name of the game is longer than 7 letters, only the beginning of the name is displayed on the button (to prevent the name from being too narrow and becoming unreadable).
- Yes-No / Window text enlarged.
- Premium / Display of the price excluding VAT.
- Color palette / Dark blue and beige added.
- User / Button animation reactivated if "back" button is used on the color palette.
- User / Enlargement of the labels "Team 1" and "Team 2".

- New! Dice roller, with choice of the number, colors and shapes of dices.
- Multigame counter / The "table" input method now allows to enter negative values.
- Multigame counter / The default number of rounds is now 7 (previously 6).
- Multigame counter (Premium) / Slide up your finger on the avatar to add points, down to substract.
- Multigame counter (Premium) / The value added/substracted can be changed during a game for a fast count.
- Multigame counter / Settings (Premium) / A help message is displayed to change the name of the game and thus save the settings.
- Multigame counter / End notification fixed (if only one round).
- Qwixx / Alerts now animated.
- Buzzer / The last selected sound now remains highlighted in the list.
- Buzzer / Current sound selected when loading list.
- Alerts / Acceleration of animation.
- Color Palette / The "back" key is now managed (return to the previous screen).
- ...

- Initial Program Load optimization (3 to 4 times faster!).
- New! Draw, ideal to know who starts the game.
- New! Buzzer (sound customizable), convenient for music quizzes.
- New! The multigame counter now has a "fast mode" to change scores very frequently (quizzes, blind-tests).
- "Dice"/"cards"/"games" menus: The previous choice is automatically selected.
- "Dice" menu / Description for Qwixx added.
- Player selection / Labels "Team 1" and "Team 2" enlarged.
- Belote / If there is a dispute on the final round, players now play an extra round.
- Belote / Help message displayed to the attention of the user in the early game.
- Multigame counter / A button has been added to anticipate the game over: convenient for games whose purpose is not linked to a number of points or rounds (like Scrabble, for example) or to finish faster a game.
- Multigame counter / Player selection: the number of selected players is now displayed.
- Multigame counter / Padlock enlarged for easier selection.
- Multigame counter / Stats historical now removed for all players when deleting a setting.
- Notifications / Now animated.
- Premium only:
=> Recap / A [stats] button has been added to see the stats of the game.

1.0.0 (2016-01-21)
- Initial app release.

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