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This article will show you how to secure your users and scores, which can be very interesting in case of a problem or change of phone/tablet.

Help/Step 1 On the Home screen, click the "Options" panel, symbolised by an oblique arrow and located down/right.
Help/Step 2 On the "Options" panel, click the floppy disk icon.
Help/Step 3 Click the "Secure" button. An authorization will then be required to store data on your SD card. This allows us to place the saved information there.
Help/Step 4 Depending on the amount of information to be backed up, processing may take a few seconds.

Once the backup is done, your mail application is automatically opened with an attachment, the file smup_sauve.dta which contains your saved data: we advise you to send it to store it on the mail server.

Press the "back" key on your phone/tablet to return to the application.
Help/Step 5 The backup was done in the smup_sauve.dta file on your SD card. If your device does not have one, storage/emulated/0 drawer is used to replace the SD card.

The file is placed in android/data/com.boingattitude.scoresmeup.

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