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This article will show you how to restore your users and scores, which can be very interesting in case of a problem or change of phone/tablet.

Help/Step 1 On the Home screen, click the "Options" panel, symbolised by an oblique arrow and located down/right.
Help/Step 2 On the "Options" panel, click the floppy disk icon.
Help/Step 3 Click the "Restore" button. An authorization will then be required to read data from your SD card. This allows us to read saved data there.
Help/Step 4 Copy the file smup_sauve.dta into android/data/com.boingattitude.scoresmeup directory of your SD card. If your device does not have one, storage/emulated/0 drawer is used to replace the SD card. You can use your files manager to do it. If you want to restore the lastest backup done on your unit, the file is already in the right place. Tap then the "Yes" button.
Help/Step 5 The process can last a few seconds, depending of the data amount to restore.

Scores Me Up is then automatically closed. Run it. It's done :)

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