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Review of Word Me Up 2004-02-18, 12H00

Word Me Up<font size=2>©</font>, first Boing Attitude :) game on AmigaDE Editor: Boing Attitude :)

Design: 12/20
Animation: 12/20
Sound: 16/20
Playability: 19/20
Interest: 18/20

Tested on: PC 1,8Ghz/1Go
and PC 400Mhz/128Mo
Available since: May 2005
Target: Windows © and PocketPC © PDA

Read the full review (french).

Review of Invasion 2004-02-16,16H00

Invasion<font size=2>©</font>, Last Zeoneo game on AmigaDE Editor: Zeoneo

Design: 17/20
Animation: 15/20
Sound: 16/20
Playability: 18/20
Interest: 17/20

Tested on: PC 133Mhz/32Mo
and PocketPC© 150Mhz/32Mo
Available since: March/April 2004
Target: Windows © et PocketPC © PDA

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