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Boing Attitude :o) is a small enthusiastic team whose main goal is to support Amiga. This dedication is done by following two main lines: on the one hand, Amiga community news and articles publication and on the other hand, Amiga games and applications development on Amiga computer family: AmigaOS and MorphOS. A few ports of our products to others operating systems like Windows or Android are also possible.

AmigaOS is the operating system dedicated to Amiga micro-computers like the Amiga 1200, 4000 or the newest Amiga One, MicroAones, Pegasos 2 and Sam... MorphOS is another incarnation of Amiga that notably runs on Mac PPC.

Contrary to these software factories that become now most of editors, our intention is to develop non violent games that really look like games, that is to say with simply a good gameplay. Utilities will also be created with user concern in mind.

With Boing Attitude :o), have FUN !

More details on AmigaOS and MorphOS.

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