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Frequently Asked Questions

Uno degli sbirri del malvagio stregone

Read the questions/answers for AmigaOS 4, Linux, Mac OS X, MorphOS or Windows systems.

AmigaOS 4

- Il gioco gira su AmigaOS 4.1? Su schede Sam440ep?
Il gioco e' stato provato con successo su AmigaOS 4.1 sia su AmigaOne che su Sam440ep.

- Quando lancio il gioco compare immediatamente il "grim reaper".
Controlla che la libreria denominata amigainput.library sia disponibile in LIBS:. Sebbene non sia usata direttamente, l'uso della lowlevel.library dipende da essa, anche se non e' stato connesso nessun joystick.

- Sembra come se parte del testo non venisse visualizzato.
Controlla che i font DejaVu Sans.font e DejaVu Sans Bold.font siano disponibili in FONTS:.

- Quando gioco, lo scrolling video e' disturbato.
Controlla che "Limpid Clock" non sia installato sul tuo computer. Nel caso lo fosse, dovresti ridurne la priorita'. Clicca sulla finestra dell'orologio, seleziona il menu "Project" e poi la voce "Set task priority". Il valore di default e' "1". Impostalo su "-1". Se lo scrolling dovesse essere ancora poco scorrevole, esci da "Limpid Cock".
Se il gioco e' installato su AmigaOS 4.1, dovresti disabilitare il "Compositing mode". Clicca sulle preferenze "GUI", poi sulla voce "Options": disabilita "Compositing mode (3D acceleration required)".


- Can I run the Windows version of the game in the software "Wine" on Linux?
Yes. Performances are quite satisfying.

The game does not start. By running through the terminal, the message "error while loading shared libraries: libSDL_image-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" or "error while loading shared libraries: lib_gtk2u_richtext-2.8.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" is displayed.
You miss some packages needed for the proper execution of the game (SDL WxWidgets, ...). To install them, use the scripts "install_libs_ ..." provided. If that does not work, you need to manually install them: check the list of packages in the "read me first.pdf" file. If your distribution is 64-bit, try to install the emulation package (see below).

- The game does not start. By running through the terminal, the message "... wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64 ..." is displayed.
You use a 64-bit distribution but you have not installed the 32-bit emulator. You must install the IA-32 emulation package. You can, for example, on Ubuntu, install it using the following command: sudo apt-get install ia32-libs. However in some cases, 32-bit packages of wxWidgets (wxGTK and wxBase) are not available. In this case, you can run the game (Game) but you will not have access to the start menu (WordMeUpXXL_Demo) and the customization Tool (prefs).

Mac OS X

- When I start the game, the program is stopped and when I look at the error log, the error message "Unknown load command 0x80000022 required" is displayed.
The game runs on computers based on Intel 64-bit. You probably try to run it from OS X 10.5 or older. The game only works from version 10.6 ("Snow Leopard").

- When I start the game, it is not run.
If you use OS X version 10.8 ("Lion Mountain") or newer, make sure that you have allowed the game to start. The game is not actually signed. You can find more information on the Apple site.

- When I launch the game, an error message is displayed, telling me that the software requires X11.
This message appears only on versions of OS X 10.8 ("Lion Mountain") or newer. Until this version, XQuartz was included in OS X and allowed to run X11-like software. This is no longer the case. You must install XQuarz and then restart your computer before you can run the game


- Il gioco gira su MorphOS 2.0? Su schede Efika?
Il gioco e' stato provato con successo su MorphOS 2.0 sia su Pegasos (1,2), su Efika che su Mac Mini PPC.


- The game is displayed correctly until the gaming really starts. Display is then very weird. Everything is then ok when you're back to the main menu.
It's due to the driver of your graphic/video card. Try to update it if possible. If the problem remains, you won't be able to play the game.

- The game seems to be displayed properly but the behavior of the game is weird. For example, if I select a character, I finally select the next or previous one. Moreover, on the first level, I see a magnifying glass but nothing else.
This is a problem with the driver on your graphics/video card. Update the driver for your card if possible. If this does not solve the display problem, you can play the game but this bizarre behavior will continue on the menus.

- When the game is launched, The number 0 is displayed on the screen.
It seems that you've modified the default installation folder. In this case, it must be ended by a "backslash" (\). For example, C:\Temp\ is right but C:\Temp isn't. Uninstall the game and install it again by following this advice.

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